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Video: Corbyn for Labour, Brighton

Corbyn for Labour

Brighton rally during the 2016 Labour Party leadership campaign

Panel: a local commuter, Brighton Labour activists Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Councillor Kevin Allen and Poppy Burt, Corbyn for Labour campaign organiser Councillor Sam Tarry (TSSA) and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn MP.

Recorded Tuesday 2 August 2016


Click on the name of each speaker to view their film clip:

  1. Local commuter – a tale of Southern Fail
  2. Lloyd Russell-Moyle – Chair, Brighton, Hove & District Labour Party
  3. Kevin Allen – Labour councillor for Preston Park ward in Brighton
  4. Poppy Burt – Brighton Kemp Town Labour activist
  5. Sam Tarry – Barking & Dagenham Labour councillor, TSSA National Political Officer
  6. Jeremy Corbyn – Leader of the Labour Party
  7. Greg Hadfield – Secretary-elect, Brighton, Hove & District Labour Party
  8. Support for Jeremy Corbyn – the Corbyn 50+ Supporters Group


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