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Video: Is Labour Learning its Lessons?

Is Labour Learning its Lessons?

Sussex LRC event for NUT conference 2016, co-hosted with Momentum Brighton & Hove

Panel: Kevin Courtney, Talullah Gunputh, Lloyd Russell-Moyle and Phil Clarke, with Sarah Pickett (Chair)

Recorded Saturday 26 March 2016

Kevin Courtney_Lloyd Russell-Moyle

Lloyd Russell-Moyle listens to NUT Deputy General Secretary, Kevin Courtney


Click on the name of each speaker to view their film clip:

  1. Kevin Courtney – Deputy General Secretary of the NUT who tweets personally as @cyclingkev
  2. Talullah Gunputh – Brighton student and Executive member of Brighton & Hove Young Labour, who tweets personally as @gunputhh
  3. Lloyd Russell-Moyle – Chair of Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party and previously Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Lewes in 2015, who studies at the University of Sussex and tweets personally as @lloyd_rm.
  4. Phil Clarke – local teacher, NUT Executive member representing Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and Kent, and Secretary of Brighton, Hove & District Trades Council.
  5. Sign the petition calling for a public inquiry and referendum into the Tory Government’s announcement that it will privatise all schools into academies.
  6. Watch Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn speaking at NUT conference 2016.


Phil Clarke speaking

Talullah Gunputh listens to NUT Executive member Phil Clarke

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