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Video: Trust Your Doctor, Not A Tory

Trust Your Doctor, Not A Tory

Sussex LRC event for UNISON Health conference 2016, co-hosted with Momentum Brighton & Hove

Panel: Carl Walker, Katrina Miller, Simon May, Alison Brown and Dr Todd Leckie, with Claire Wadey (Chair).

Recorded: Monday 25 April 2016


Dr Todd Leckie, BMA representative of junior doctors at BSUH NHS Trust, was late to the meeting – having worked an extra 3 hours unpaid past the end of his shift, to complete the care for his patients that day


Click on the name of each speaker to view their film clip:

  1. Carl Walker – researcher at Brighton University and one of the team developing the Brighton Citizens Health Services Survey, who tweets as @carl1545.
  2. Katrina Miller – NHS campaigner with Sussex Defend the NHS.
  3. Simon May – student nurse and NHS campaigner with Sussex and Brighton Students Save the NHS
  4. Alison Brown – activist with Momentum NHS and UNISON Yorkshire Ambulance Branch.
  5. Dr Todd LeckieBMA representative of junior doctors at Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals (BSUH) NHS Trust, who tweets as @todd_leckie.
  6. Dr Todd Leckie describes how Jeremy Hunt picked a fight with junior doctors.
  7. Dr Todd Leckie explains why junior doctors are striking.
  8. Dr Todd Leckie can’t imagine any junior doctor agreeing to pilot the Tories’ new contract for junior doctors.
  9. Dr Todd Leckie & Alison Brown summarise how the Tories’ new contract for junior doctors discriminates against women.
  10. Dr Todd Leckie’s key message: our great NHS needs more money and our respect
  11. View our photos of the meeting
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