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Support peoples & workers in struggle


Brighton & Hove LRC meeting

7.30pm, Thursday 17 January, Lord Nelson pub, Trafalgar Street

What role does the UK play in Palestine?

How to support Sussex hospital staff in dispute with Sodexo

All supporters welcome

PSCBarry Stierer of Brighton & Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign outlines the complicity of UK governments, businesses & political parties in the illegal occupation of Palestine. We discuss what we can do to show solidarity with Palestinians living under apartheid conditions imposed by the Israeli state.

For example, did you know that Sodastream has its factory on confiscated Palestinian land? This is why there’s a protest 1-3pm most Saturdays outside the Ecostream store in Western Road, Brighton.  More information here  Come along for half an hour next Saturday?

Support Sussex hospital staff in dispute with Sodexo

We shall also hear from GMB representatives helping staff in dispute with Sodexo at the Royal Sussex GMBCounty Hospital in Brighton and the Princess Royal Hospital in Haywards Heath.

Since taking over private contracts at these NHS hospitals, Sodexo has failed to pay over 300 staff correctly for 4 weeks running.  More information here

Sodexo also sought 96 redundancies, mostly from cleaning staff.  The GMB trades union has negotiated this down to 59 but these threatened redundancies remain.  More information here 

You can add your name to the GMB petition against Sodexo’s poor treatment of local NHS hospital staff here  While you’re at it, please also send your objections in writing to your MP, the Chief Executive of BSUH NHS Trust and The Argus.

Trafalgar Street is directly below Brighton railway station.

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