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Public Safety Before Private Profit



The Probation Service: Public Safety or Private Profit?

Public meeting called by NAPO Surrey & Sussex Branch

7pm-9pm, Thursday 15 August (doors 6.30pm)

City College, Pelham Street, Brighton BN1 4FA

The Coalition government plans to outsource 70% of the Probation Service’s work to private companies like G4S and Serco.  This will include supervision of all low and medium risk offenders.  Yet this is no free market as Probation Trusts are not to be allowed to bid for their own work.

NAPO believes justice and public protection should not be about profit, but about public safety, reduced offending, rehabilitation of offenders and the prevention of further crimes creating more victims.  We agree!

Support this important public meeting to hear more about the Coalition’s plans to privatise the UK justice system.  Hear how the privatisation of the Probation Service will affect communities, residents and businesses in our area from Ian Lawrence – General Secretary of NAPO, Professor Paul Senior – Director of Hallam Centre for Community Justice and Caroline Lucas – MP for Brighton Pavilion.

Even if you can’t make this meeting, you can still sign the petition opposing privatisation of the Probation Service and watch the video Grayling Sinks Probation Service – you may recognise some of the scenes.  Please also lobby your MP, raising your concerns and urging them to oppose the privatisation of the Probation Service.  NAPO’s website provides more information on its Probation Under Threat campaign and NAPO News has an interesting report on Labour’s opposition to this proposed privatisation.  You can also contact for further details.  Finally, if you tweet, after this meeting you may want to follow Probation SPO and Ian Lawrence .

The Coalition is systematically attacking the UK’s justice system – seeking to introduce more private prisons, close local courts and privatise the Probation Service.  Legal Aid has already been severely restricted and PCS and POA members have taken action.  It’s time for us all to stand-up for justice.


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