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Remember 5 November!


NAPO members strike against Probation Service privatisation

Tuesday 5 November – Wednesday 6 November

2.30pm Tuesday – rally outside Brighton Railway Station


The Coalition intends to privatise 70% of Probation Service work.  Favourites to takeover include companies like SERCO and G4S – both now under formal criminal investigation for overcharging the taxpayer on tagging contracts – and Sodexo – who repeatedly failed to properly operate a payroll in Sussex.
The National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) believes that justice and public protection should not be about profit, but about public safety, reducing reoffending, rehabilitation and preventing further victims.  Typically, the Coalition has refused to listen to the real and very significant concerns both NAPO and Probation Service Chiefs have raised.  As probation staff won’t allow the Probation Service to be destroyed without a fight, all NAPO members in England and Wales start a 24 hour strike at 12 noon on Tuesday 5 November, returning to work at 12 noon on Wednesday 6 November.  Please show your solidarity with NAPO members by  supporting pickets and joining their strike rally on Tuesday 5 November.  Meet outside Brighton railway station at 2.30pm for a short march to the local Probation Office in Trafalgar Street.
It is the Coalition’s ideological fixation and helter skelter rush to privatise probation that has led NAPO members to strike.  Please lobby your MP to oppose the Probation Service privatisation using NAPO’s handy Probation Under Threat campaign resources, urge Labour to commit to re-nationalising probation if this sell-off does go ahead, and sign this petition opposing the privatisation of the Probation Service.
Bonfire of Austerity_05.11.13
Tuesday 5 November is also a national day of action against the Coalition’s cuts.  The People’s Assembly is organising a protest commencing at 12 noon at the Clock Tower in Brighton, so easy to go from that to the NAPO rally at 2.30pm.
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