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LRC at Brighton Fringe 2015


Do Public Services Have A Future? – 7pm, Tuesday 19 May

How Labour Can Make Our Votes Count 2pm, Saturday 23 May

Let’s Build the Houses – Quick! – 2pm, Saturday 30 May

Refreshments available half an hour in advance of start times at all events

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JohnMcDonnell MPAll the fun starts in the South Wing conference room at Community Base on Tuesday 19 May, when  you can join LRC National Chair John McDonnell MP, Mark Serwotka, General Secretary of the campaigning PCS Union, and Laura Watson, spokeswoman for the English Collective of Prostitutes, to discuss how we stop the new government treading the same old path on pay and the public sector. 


IMAG0943Austerity has devastated public services and increased inequality. The Coalition turned a global financial crisis caused by corporate and personal greed into an ideological attack on public services, pay and pensions.  We must demand that this political con-trick be reversed by any Labour government.  Do public services have a future?  We must act to ensure that they do.

This meeting is the LRC’s fringe meeting for PCS conference 2015.

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Jeremy Corbyn_05.10Next at The Brighthelm Centre on Saturday 23 May, we discuss how Labour can make our votes count.  Whatever the election results, with no real economic recovery under austerity, what will Labour do for us?  Join Jeremy Corbyn MP, Nancy Platts (by then, we hope, Labour’s new MP for Brighton Kemp Town & Peacehaven) and firefighters’ leader Matt Wrack (FBU General Secretary) to discuss the major changes Labour can bring about by insisting on increased public investment and wealth redistribution. 

Nancy PlattsEveryone will benefit from restoring our communities, public services, welfare state, NHS and economy. We must ensure that Labour makes our votes count.  Come along to this meeting to discover some definite ideas as to how we can do this.


Michael Meacher MPFinally, back at Community Base, on Saturday 30 May we discuss different solutions to the housing crisis with Join Michael Meacher MP and Saskia O’Hara (Focus E15).  We say let’s build the houses – quick!

Housing is a basic need for all.  It must be met.  Yet our local housing stock is old, insufficient, often of poor quality and inaccessible to many, while strong demand means we suffer some of the highest private rents and house prices in the country.  Can we build our way out of the housing crisis, or do local land shortages mean we need different solutions?  What should we demand from our elected representatives? Is it effective to take direct action ourselves?  And what about proposals for a Land Value Tax?


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Get your tickets now for our upcoming Brighton Fringe events, which are all priced at £5 (waged) or £3 (concessions) per event.  Contact us if you want to buy tickets with no booking fee or if you are a PCS member applying for a free ticket for the meeting on Tuesday 19 May.  Alternatively, tickets for all our Brighton Fringe events are available via the Brighton Fringe Box Office online or on 01273 917272.

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We hope to see you at our LRC events during Brighton Fringe 2015.  If you’re undecided, take a look at the main speakers from our 2012, 2013 and 2014 Brighton Fringe events via Sussex LRC TV .  Here’s one recommendation:

Tony Benn at Brighton Fringe 2012; (c) Morten Watkins

Tony Benn at Brighton Fringe 2012; (c) Morten Watkins

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