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Solidarity with CWU Postal Workers


CWU postal workers

It is a disgrace in a nation claiming to be “democratic” that anti-union laws permit a judge to grant an injunction stopping an otherwise lawful strike, supported overwhelmingly (89.1%) in a ballot, where 74% of the affected workers voted, far exceeding the Tories’ 50% turnout hurdle.  This is Britain today.  The CWU has made clear that its fight goes on.  The LRC offers solidarity to all CWU members in dispute with Royal Mail and asks all our supporters to do the same, starting with passing the motion below at Labour Party meetings.


This Labour Party notes that:

  1. on 3rd October 2017 the CWU announced an 89% Yes vote, on a 74% turnout, for strike action in Royal Mail in the first national dispute since privatisation.
  2. Postal workers in Royal Mail are coming under increasing pressure to work harder and faster for less with: cuts to their pension entitlements of up to 45%; pay freezes while the cost of living continues to rise; and attempts to unpick industrial agreements that prevent Royal Mail from embracing the insecure employment models that characterise much of the postal industry today.
  3. Royal Mail is seeking to maintain a strategy of minimising costs, maximising profit and increasing shareholder return year on year and their failure to develop a diversified product portfolio and new revenue streams means that their strategy can only be achieved by attacking employment models and terms and conditions, but also via worsening the service to make their operations cheaper.

This Labour Party believes that:

  1. following an overwhelming ballot result Royal Mail should have listened to its staff and recognised the need to shift its position, instead of taking them to court to secure an injunction to delay strike action.
  2. Royal Mail should never have been privatised. Alongside the increasing pressure on staff and their terms and conditions, the public are seeing price increases, cuts to services – for instance, with delivery office closures across the country – and asset stripping with over £200m worth of property having been sold off.
  3. This is the familiar story of privatisation, with hedge funds and senior executives reaping the rewards. In just three and a half years Royal Mail has paid out over £620m in dividends to private shareholders – just under £500,000 every day – and last year alone Royal Mail’s CEO saw her pay packet increase by 23%.
  4. Royal Mail is an important public service and part of our national infrastructure that should be re-nationalised by a Labour government and brought back together with the Post Office in public ownership at the earliest opportunity.

This Labour Party therefore resolves to:

  1. contact local CWU postal branches to express support for CWU members in the current dispute.
  2. Mobilise support for future picket lines.
  3. Take a solidarity photo at this meeting to be shared on social media tagging @cwunews.
  4. Ask local Labour MPs and councillors to make clear statements in support of CWU members in Royal Mail.


IMAG4242 best CWU

Some members of Withdean Branch Labour Party showing their support for CWU members in dispute with Royal Mail.

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