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Video: 2013 Conversations with Tony Benn

2013 Conversations with Tony Benn

Sussex LRC event for Brighton Fringe 2013

Panel: Rab McKenna, Christine Robinson, Ellie Mae O’Hagan, Tony Benn

Recorded: Saturday 12 May, 2013

  1. Rab McKenna with Christine Robinson – speeches by Cityclean worker Rab McKenna and Christine Robinson of the GMB and vice-Chair of Brighton, Hove and District Labour Party, filmed just after the two days of unofficial action by Cityclean workers.
  2. Charles Harrity and Rob Macey – background to the Cityclean workers’ dispute provided by Charles Harrity, Senior Organiser at GMB Southern and his colleague Rob Macey – Senior Organiser covering Political, Legal & Campaigns. This clip has them both speaking off camera, but is informative and worth a listen for some great quotes.
  3. Q&A session on the Cityclean dispute.  This session provided some more background on the dispute, a short discussion of the divide and rule tactics tried by Green-led Brighton & Hove Council, ways to provide practical support for the Cityclean workers (the meeting collection was given over to the strike fund), and a message to Jason Kitcat direct from Captain Swing.
  4. Ellie Mae O’Hagan’s solidarity greetings to the Cityclean workers
  5. Ellie Mae O’Hagan (full speech)
  6. Tony Benn
  7. Tony Benn responds to audience questions
  8. View the photos of this meeting

We apologise for the poor view and some weak sound in parts of this footage.  Our normal “film crew” helpers were all absent from this meeting and it appears that someone knocked the camera affecting its pre-sets.  However, it’s still worth watching!

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