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Video: Benn & Crow’s Radical Alternative To Austerity

Benn & Crow’s Radical Alternative To Austerity

Sussex LRC event for Brighton Fringe 2014

Recorded Saturday 31 May 2014

  1. Steve Yandell speaking about his work with Bob Crow at the RMT union and the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF).
  2. Robb Johnson performing “Bob Crow Was A Union Man” with acoustic guitar.
  3. Nancy Platts outlines her alternatives to austerity as Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemp Town and Peacehaven.  Find out more about Nancy’s commitment to rail re-nationalisation   and Nancy’s other campaigns from her website or follow @Nancy_Platts on twitter.
  4. Jeremy Corbyn MP remembers Bob Crow.  Find out more about the Labour MP for Islington North via his website or follow @jeremycorbyn on twitter.
  5. Jeremy Corbyn MP remembers Tony Benn
  6. Jeremy Corbyn MP on a radical alternative to austerity.
  7. Speakers’ replies to audience questions on PFI, the role of the EU in relation to public sector borrowing and privatisation, rail re-nationalisation, re-democratising Labour Party policy-making, and the right to recall MPs.
  8. Robb Johnson performing a short set with acoustic guitar, finishing with his track “Winter Turns to Spring” which Tony Benn said was his favourite song.  Find out more about Robb Johnson via his website and watch more of his incisive and funny performances on You Tube.
  9. All panellists’ concluding remarks
  10. The Red Flag sung to close the meeting, led by Tony Dines
  11. View our photos of the meeting


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