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Video: Defend Free State Education For All!

Defend Free State Education For All!

Sussex LRC event for UCU conference and Brighton Fringe 2013

Panel: Warren Davies, Dr Maia Pal, Michael Segalov and Veronica Killen.

Recorded: Wednesday 29 May 2013

  1. Warren Davies – NUT representative at William Parker Sports College & Hastings Labour councillor
  2. Maia Pal – Sussex UCU and Sussex Against Privatisation
  3. Michael Segalov – Sussex Against Privatisation, The Independent and Ceasefire Magazine
  4. Veronica Killen – UCU National Executive member for Higher Education & UCU Left
  5. Warren Davies and Veronica Killen answer audience questionspart 1 on ARK and academies, and what the Labour Party should be doing for state education
  6. Maia Pal and Michael Segalov answer audience questionspart 2 on the pop-up union
  7. Final remarks from all panel members
  8. View the photos of this meeting
  9. Watch “Colleges Inc” as recommended by the panel
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