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Video: Do Public Services Have A Future?

Do Public Services Have A Future?

Sussex LRC event for PCS conference and Brighton Fringe 2015

Recorded Tuesday 19 May 2015

Reinstate Candy_med

Everyone at the LRC’s Brighton fringe meeting for PCS conference 2015 joined in saying “Reinstate Candy!” and opposed privatisation at the National Gallery. Photo (c) Morten Watkins


Click on the name of each speaker to view their film clip:

  1. Laura Watson – spokeswoman for the English Collective of Prostitutes.
  2. Mark Serwotka – General Secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), which tweets as @pcs_union, indicates his resolve to fight for the future of our public services and to defeat austerity.
  3. Mark Serwotka replies to audience questions on cuts to the DWP and the civil service, and how trades unions can defend workers and the welfare state with mass co-ordinated strike action.
  4. Candy Udwin – the senior PCS representative at the National Gallery, who tweets as @candyudwin, talks about her suspension and sacking by management after staff started striking against plans to privatise their jobs.  Support the campaign against privatisation at the National Gallery, which tweets as @NGNotForSale.
  5. John McDonnell MP speaks in solidarity with the English Collective of Prostitutes
  6. John McDonnell MP – main speech by the Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington, national chair of the LRC and of the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs, and prominent supporter of the Trade Union Co-ordinating Group (TUCG).  John tweets as @johnmcdonnellMP.
  7. John McDonnell MP and Laura Watson reply to audience questions on police cuts, the Tories and what Labour & the TUC can do to defend the interests of the working class.
  8. Laura Watson and John McDonnell MP reply to audience questions on sex workers’ rights, the NHS, fighting back against austerity, winning people back to Labour, Liam Byrne’s now notorious note, UKIP and neo-liberal economics.
  9. View our photos of the meeting
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