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Video: How Can Labour Re-Build Trust With Teachers?

How Can Labour Re-Build Trust With Teachers?

Sussex LRC event for NUT conference 2014

Panel: Kevin Courtney, Nancy Platts, Paul Shellard, Carly-Anne Baxter and Sian Carey, with Jon Rogers (Chair)

Recorded Saturday 19 April 2014

  1. Paul Shellard – Brighton teacher and officer of Brighton & Hove NUT, which tweets as @btnhoveNUT
  2. Sian Carey – Brighton school student; read Sian’s tweets @9Sian7
  3. Carly-Anne Baxter – GMB representative of local teaching assistants
  4. Nancy Platts – socialist and Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemp Town & Peacehaven who tweets as @Nancy_Platts
  5. Kevin Courtney – Deputy General Secretary of the NUT who tweets personally as @cyclingkev
  6. All speakers’ replies to audience questions part 1 on unifying teachers’ unions, the Finnish model of education, campaigning for education policies within the Labour Party, and taking pride in the 1944 Education Act.
  7. All speakers’ replies to audience questions part 2 on private education, encouraging teachers to engage actively to change Labour policy, trust, and the whether the NUT will affiliate to the Labour Party.
  8. The Red Flag was sung to close the meeting, led by Tony Dines.
  9. View the photos of this meeting
  10. Sign the petition to stop Hove Park School becoming an academy
  11. Read tweets @NotoHPSAcademy for the latest news about the campaign to stop Hove Park School becoming an academy
  12. Find out more about the local GMB-led campaign against cuts to teaching assistants



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