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Video: Public Services Not Private Profits!

Public Services Not Private Profits!

Sussex LRC event for UNISON conference 2014

Recorded Wednesday 18 June 2014

  1. Bev Trounce – a special contribution on the 30th anniversary of the Battle of Orgreave from this writer who has spent the last year researching the experiences of mining communities during the 1984/85 Miners’ Strike.  Look out for Bev’s book “From a Rock to a Hard Place: Memories of the Miners’ Strike in England” which will be published by the History Press in early March 2015.  Half the royalties from Bev’s book will be going to striking miners’ welfare charities.
  2. Jon Rogers – local government worker, Lambeth UNISON activist and a member of the UNISON NEC, speaking in a personal capacity.  Read Jon’s union blog and his tweets @jonrogers1963
  3. Gordon McKay – leading member of UNISON Scotland Health and a member of the UNISON NEC
  4. Sian Carey – Brighton school student; read Sian’s tweets @9Sian7
  5. Ian Lawrence – General Secretary of NAPO, the probation workers union; read Ian’s tweets @ILawrenceL and find out more about the campaign against the privatisation of The Probation Service.
  6. Ian Lawrence replies to audience questions on probation, concerning the effects of the Coalition’s privatisation of The Probation Service, known as “Transforming Rehabilitation”, or TR.
  7. All speakers reply to audience comments
  8. Tony Dines led the singing of The Red Flag
  9. View our photos of the meeting
  10. Watch the trailer for the award-winning film “Still the Enemy Within” (produced by Sinead Kirwan & Mark Lacey, directed by Owen Gower) and keep up-to-date with the latest news on film screenings via @EnemyWithin1984 .
  11. Oppose Hove Park School being privatised into an academy with the  Hands Off Hove Park School community campaign and follow @NotoHPSAcademy on twitter for the latest news from the campaign.



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