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Video: War, Peace and Internationalism

War, Peace and Internationalism

Sussex LRC meeting

Recorded Saturday 13 September 2014

Death and destruction are the only certainties of war.  While millions of people in Britain and overseas exist on or below the breadline due to austerity, politicians continue to waste billions on war and weapons such as Trident.  This meeting discussed the urgent need for the UK to adopt a progressive foreign policy and to put our nation’s wealth to better use by investing in jobs, homes, the NHS, and the environment.

Panel: Labour MP and prominent peace campaigner Jeremy Corbyn MP, activist, RAF veteran, survivor of the Great Depression, author of Harry’s Last Stand and top tweeter Harry Leslie Smith, former Head of Human Rights at the Commonwealth Secretariat and Labour’s 2015 parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion Purna Sen, and Labour CND vice-Chair Joy Hurcombe.

  1. Jeremy Corbyn MP speaks about the need for peace, justice and international solidarity.
  2. Jeremy Corbyn MP replies to audience questions
  3. Harry Leslie Smith talks of wars being fought endlessly to maintain the empires of the rich.
  4. Purna Sen outlines her background and experiences in international negotiations, the vital role of international aid to promote peace and stability, and the need to protect human rights.
  5. Joy Hurcombe urges the Labour Party to scrap Trident and calls for Shaker Aamer to be returned to the UK from Guantanamo Bay.
  6. Purna Sen and Joy Hurcombe reply to audience comments.
  7. Final remarks from Joy Hurcombe and Purna Sen
  8. View our photos of the meeting.

Also don’t miss Harry Leslie Smith speaking at Labour Party conference on Wednesday 24 September 2014.



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